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We provide claim handling and support services to serve the insurance company, self-insured, and government entities.
We deliver only the best in the insurance field. Future Claim Service can deliver highly experienced staff to manage claims and administrative duties from life-changing events that may have occurred naturally or man-made that may affect customers.

Future Claim Service takes pride in efficiently assisting customers not only with their immediate needs but offering additional guidance in the most helpful and cordial way imagined. Our company ideology is based on the self-gratification that we’ve provided the utmost superior service, which naturally entails our customers and clients being fully pleased with our delivered assistance.



Undebatable, honesty and loyalty is the key to building personal and professional relationships.  Without trustworthy and authentic practices, all unions will part.  Here at FCS, we have a non-negotiable integrity and fairness standard that trumps all other policies.  This principle is shared with all of our associates in respects to performance and claim management.  Rest assured that our moral values will not be altered for any unethical purposes.



In the ever-changing field of innovation, it is imperative that companies strive to be pioneers in offering advanced solutions to its supporters.  FCS pledges to be on the forefront of claim resolving solutions.  Advancement in modernization is a key factor moving into the next chapter of innovation, and Future Claim Service is equipped with partners to propel us to the pinnacle.



Building success with the industry-leading adjusters naturally incorporates leadership at all levels of our associates.   Our management team supplies the encouragement, direction, and appropriate tools required to achieve mutual victory amongst clients, customers, and associates.  The FCS leadership brand is to earn your confidence by displaying our competence.

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